checking for pcre-config… false configure: error: pcre-config for libpcre not found.

You need to install pcre-devel using rpm or yum or you can compile and install from source.

  1. How to install pcre from source

Download the following file to /usr/local/src/

tar xvf pcre-8.32.tar.gz 
cd pcre-8.32
./configure ;make ; make install

2. How to install pcre-devel using yum.

yum install pcre-devel

Now you have to locate the pcre-config file to use in the command which generated this error.

locate pcre-config | grep bin

Now you can continue your installation using this file.

In case of httpd, configuration will look like this.

./configure --with-pcre=/usr/bin/pcre-config

If you encountered this error during apache installation, you can refer this link to see how to configure apache from source.